Normandy Manor

T his classically detailed Georgia style residence took advantage of local resources when the building was constructed with granite from a Georgia quarry. Other materials, like the terra-cotta tiled floors, were reclaimed from France. The semicircular Portico in the front with the palladium window was a specific request by the  patrons who also made sure to accommodate their collection of english furniture. A steep slate roof is recalling the english influence in the Norman region the patrons admire.

The large rustic kitchen-breakfast room features hand-hewn antique beams and brick walls and the library is paneled in antique brown oak.  A semicircular sun room is overlooking the pool and courtyard which is surrounded by trees that seclude the property from the busy city life of Atlanta. In the rear, a timber framed stone porch with fireplace overlooks the pool, garden and terraces. The whole estate assumes a symbiosis with the landscape through unpredictable shapes and natural colors.