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A n expansion of the architectural firm Yong Pak founded in 1997, Pak Heydt & Associates was formed when Charles Heydt became a partner in 2003.

Specializing in traditional and classical architecture with a modern sensibility, Pak Heydt designs custom residences for discerning patrons who desire exquisite craftsmanship, the highest quality of materials and a distinct home of enduring legacy.

Recognized for providing exceptional personalized attention, Pak Heydt works closely with clients to determine the architectural style best suited to their desires and lifestyle while integrating modern comforts for luxurious living.

Pak Heydt residences are renown for their craftsmanship and refined detailing impeccable attention to detail is revealed in the seamless integration of antiques, mantels, doors, ironwork, flooring and other architectural artifacts. Drawing on their experience, education and travels, Pak Heydt fastidiously details all architectural aspects of a home including: exterior walls, porticos, bays, balustrades, interior millwork, cabinetry, paneling, ceiling mantels, stair halls and custom furniture.

Essential to the Pak Heydt design process is the collaboration between a team of highly experienced professionals. Comprised of architects, interior designers, craftsmen and landscape architects, the team achieves a unique and coherent living space by integrating the interior with the exterior and its surrounding landscape.

Pak Heydt encourages their clients to invest in longevity: Materials of the highest quality, superior construction and the integration of energy conscious technology provide the foundation upon which Pak Heydt builds a legacy for the next generation.



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